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Golden Egg Floss Prawns


Golden Egg Floss Prawns

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Preparation time15 minutes
Cooking time15 minutes


18tiger prawns, deveined with shell intact
4QL Omega Egg Yolk, lightly beaten
2 tbsp corn flour
1 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp salted butter
Oil for frying
2 stalks curry leaves
3birds eye chillies, slice thinly
10short green beans, halved


  1. In a wok, on high heat, add butter and oil until it starts bubbling but be careful not to burn the butter.
  2. Using a metal ladle, slowly pour in the beaten QL Egg Yolk into the wok and stir vigorously in a small circle whilst it starts bubbles up.
  3. Keep stirring, as it gets frothier. Add in the sugar, curry leaves, bird’s eye chilli and beans.
  4. Stir for another 2 minutes. Drain the oil and set aside.
  5. Coat the prawns with the corn flour
  6. Fry the prawns until the skin is pink and cooked.
  7. Before serving, sprinkle the egg floss on top of the prawns.

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