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Delicious Fishball Bomb


Delicious Fishball Bomb

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QL D'Fresh Eggs

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Bite into crispy bread cubes, followed by a thin layer of minced chicken meat, then finally bouncy and flavourful MUSHROOM Fried Fish Balls. Serve it as a snack, finger food, party food, or pack into your children’s lunchbox or a picnic basket to be enjoyed by everyone!

Preparation time20 minutes
Cooking time15 - 20 minutes


12 pieces MUSHROOM Fried Fish Ball (small), thawed at room temperature
6 slices white sandwich bread, crust removed and cut into small cubes of 0.5 cm
150 g minced chicken breast meat
1QL D'Fresh egg, beaten in a bowl
Salt & pepper to taste
Cooking oil for deep frying


  1. Sprinkle salt and pepper into minced chicken and mix evenly with a spoon.
  2. Wet your hands (to prevent minced chicken meat from sticking to your palms or fingers), and pinch about 50 cents-coin size of minced chicken meat.
  3. Roll the meat into a small ball, and flatten with your fingers before wrapping it around the fried fish ball. Then roll with your fingers or both palms into a round ball.
  4. Dip into beaten QL D'Fresh egg, and rolled with bread cubes. You can also stick the bread cubes to the outer surface.
  5. Fill a small saucepan with cooking oil until about 2 – 3 cm from the base. Heat the oil on medium heat until almost smoky. Lower the heat then fry the fishball bombs for 2 – 3 minutes or until golden brown, use a pair of tongs or chopsticks to turn the fishball bombs around to cook evenly.
  6. Remove from oil and drain, serve immediately with your favourite dipping sauce, such as tomato sauce, chili sauce or mayonnaise.

QL Kitchen Tips:

  • You can replace bread cubes with bread crumbs, but the results will not be as crispy as using bread cubes.

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