Fake Egg Video Hoax

The Facts: Fake Eggs Video Hoax.

Dear customers, fans and friends,

We would like to inform our consumers that we have examined the alleged fake eggs that were collected. All in all, the eggs' physical characteristics which include membrane, egg shell and egg white are normal. We also noted the watery egg white is due to natural aging of the eggs upon storage. However, the eggs are safe for consumption.

We would like to assure our consumers that all QL Eggs are genuine. QL Eggs does not sell and has never sold fake eggs.

As one of Asia's largest egg producers with a production rate of approximately 3.2 million eggs per day, we are proud to bring you eggs from healthy chickens in our farms. These farms maintain a stable climate and temperature, as well as strict hygiene measures that minimize the risk of infection from external environment, between chickens and from farm staff. You can learn about how we deliver our eggs to you here: http://www.qleggs.com/goodness2u.php

We thank you for your valued support of QL Eggs, and we remain dedicated to bringing you all round goodness.

Should you have any additional queries or concerns, please feel free to message us.

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