Egg Facts

  • The myth of eggs and cholesterol

    Don't let the fear of cholesterol prevent you from the goodness of eggs. Recent studies indicate that egg cholesterol does not significantly affect the cholesterol levels in the body. Instead, the main factors contributing to the body's cholesterol levels are saturated fats. Most of the cholesterol in your body is made by your liver, and the studies indicate that the amount of cholesterol in your diet does not have a significant impact on your blood cholesterol.

  • The study by the British Nutrition Foundation shows that dietary cholesterol in foods such as eggs has only a small and clinically insignificant effect on blood cholesterol, especially when compared with the much greater effects of dietary saturated fatty acids on blood cholesterol. The study also indicate that HDL-cholesterol (known as the "good cholesterol") increases with the intake of eggs which offsets the effects of LDL-cholesterol (known as the "bad cholesterol"). Most health and heart advisory bodies in UK and Europe no longer set limits on the number of eggs people should eat, provided they are consumed as part of a healthy diet that is not high in saturated fats.

  • If you are concerned with the regular consumption of eggs and cholesterol, currently have a high level of cholesterol, or are sensitive to the cholesterol levels in food, you may consume eggs in moderation. Alternatively, you may also try QL Omega eggs and QL Deli Fresh eggs which are up to 50% less cholesterol than normal eggs.

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    Note: please consult your physician for more detailed information on your recommended dietary consumption.