Egg Facts

  • Chicken and the egg

    The quality of an egg produced is dependant on quality of health and life of the hen. This includes the quality of the food they consume and the environment in which they live and grow in.

    To produce quality eggs, the chickens need to be in the best of health to produce the best quality of eggs. To achieve this, consistent and quality processes need to be place to ensure good environment and nutrition for chickens starting from day-old chicks.

  • From day 1, young chicks are placed in environment that ensure good health, while fed with good nutrition to eventually produce good quality eggs.

    As the content of the eggs reflects the general well being of the chicken, quality eggs demands two things - the quality of health of the chickens and the absence of artificial chemicals whether from animal feed or from medication in treating the chickens. Quality eggs are produced when the basic well being of chickens are sufficiently met. To do this, the chicken's biology has to be thoroughly understood so that the feed can be formulated to sufficiently provide all the nutrition chickens need for the best of health and development.

  • Artificial chemicals such as preservative or additives are reflected in the eggs should it be present in the animal feed. Some manufacturers even add synthetic colours so the eggs produced have a brighter and more appealing yolk colour. QL Deli Fresh, QL Omega and QL Sakura are produced from chickens fed with all natural feed so that the eggs you get are free from synthetic colours.

    The chicken's environment needs to be stable, clean and follow strict hygiene control and bio-security measures. This reduces the risk of bacterial and viral infections whether it is from the environment, other chickens and even from humans. The best farms are climate controlled to maintain a stable temperature
  • be it in the heat of day or in the cold night so that chickens are comfortable and not subjected to the stress of changing or harsh temperatures. Sometimes, bacterial infection can also occur from dirty environment contaminated by chicken droppings, so poultry farms have to ensure regular disposal of the chicken's waste.

    When chickens fall sick, they run the risk of infecting other chickens. Sometimes they are treated with antibiotics, but these antibiotics will be reflected in the eggs they produce thereafter.
  • Quality egg producers maintain the health of chickens to prevent illnesses and also feed them with probiotics supplementation naturally to boost the chicken's natural defense against illnesses. This ensures that the healthy chickens do not require antibiotics which keep your eggs antibiotics free.

    Quality nutrition, environment and processes ensure the production of quality, all natural and nutritious eggs. Find out how QL Eggs bring you the best all round goodness by visiting "All Round Goodness To You" section.