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About QL Eggs


QL Eggs refer to the 3 premium chicken eggs packed under the brand name :

QL Eggs are produced by QL Poultry Farms Sdn Bhd, a member of QL Resources Bhd (QL). QL is one of Malaysia's leading chicken egg producers, currently providing about 3 million eggs daily for the nourishment of Malaysians. With chicken farms across the country, in Indonesia and Vietnam, QL is fast expanding its capacity to produce quality chicken eggs catering to the needs of consumers.

Nutritious eggs are produced by healthy chickens fed with nutritious feed. To produce QL Eggs, our chickens are fed with all natural feed made mainly from yellow corn, soya bean, wheat and added with several vitamins and minerals. The feed is also enriched with lactobacillus probiotic to enhance the health of our chickens, and ensuring no antibiotics. For QL Omega eggs, the feed is further enriched with omega-3, DHA and carotenoids to give the yolks higher omega-3 and DHA content and brighter orange colour. (Note: Strictly no synthetic colours are used in QL Omega eggs)

QL's chickens are very well taken care of. We have been in business for over 25 years and we give great care to our chickens, so that they produce quality eggs for our consumers and profits for us. Our chickens live in comfortable cool chicken house equipped with cutting edge technology. Strict hygiene and bio-security measures are implemented in our farms to avoid risks of viral and bacterial infection from the external environment.

QL Eggs are specially selected from the chickens that are healthy and in their best productive age. Our trained workers will select only fresh and clean eggs to pack as QL Deli Fresh, QL Omega and QL Sakura. The idea is simple. Healthy chickens nurtured in a clean environment fed with nutritious feed produce high quality nutritious eggs for your family.

Our Heritage

QL Resources Bhd is a listed company on Bursa Malaysia. QL began as a small family business distributing animal feed in a fishing village in 1980s.

Through innovative thinking, cooperative teamwork and integrity, QL has grown into a diversified agriculture group with three core operations – marine product manufacturing, integrated livestock farming and oil palm plantations. Today, QL is a leading integrated resource-based agriculture group with over a billion ringgit in market capitalization.

Winning The Edge Billion Ringgit Club 2011 Company of the Year was a milestone that is a testament to three decades of diligence, innovation and teamwork. Most of all, it is a testament to QL's focus and commitment to creating value for all stakeholders. From providing nourishing agro-based produce, to the welfare of employees, shareholders, the society and the environment, we strive to move forward by giving back with value for all.

Our mission is to create nourishing products from agro based resources leading to benefit for all parties. Our core values of Integrity, win-win, teamwork, and innovation will drive us to achieve our vision of being the preferred global agro based enterprise.

As QL builds upon existing ventures in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam to the rest of the region, "With Value for All" is not only our motto, it is in our name.

To learn more about QL Resources Bhd, visit our website at www.ql.com.my